How to get Bet365 bonus

Since 1999, Bet365 has increased its offerings and, hand in hand, has enhanced its services in particular with regard to the speed of interaction with the customers and to the safety of the latter in the enjoyment of his many proposals.

Welcome Bonus Bet365 is an example of the operation and accreditation

When you join Bet365 program you will get €50 bonus from Bet365 and even more additional € 100 bonus on the casino. In total then, immediately playable by depositing € 400 is 250. Here’s how:

Bet365 offers a welcome bonus on bets up to €50 to start playing and winning. The bonus is valid for betting on sports and live events and corresponds to 20% of the amount deposited.

To claim the bonus you need to activate a wagering account by registering here, upload and select a payment method and you’re done. Again, Bet365 guide the client with clarity and transparency.

Please note: This special bonus is activated after the deposit by clicking on the menu “good deposit” and entering the code “SPORT”. Having done so, the voucher will be effective immediately and the corresponding amount will be available to be played.

– There is an additional way to get more of the other bonus Bet365, carefully follow these steps: acquiring “tokens” to play at the casino, simply by transferring any amount the system accredits a good add-on casinos, this time is an extra bonus of 100% of the amount transferred, up to a maximum of € 100, playable at the casino.


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