Bet on the draws on soccer matches

An often-used strategy in betting on football matches is to bet on the draw as a final result in a match. The reason for the popularity of this betting method is quite clear and it is that for the draws the betting houses offer usually pretty high odds, often above 3.2.

Besides, it is not so difficult to find suitable matches to bet on draws.

However, what I am going to focus on in the next lines is a covering betting strategy when we decide to bet on draws. It is to bet on a match where we see a possible draw, but to bet on even number of goals in the match. The logic is clear, if the match ends with a draw, it certainly will be a winning bet because the goals will be an even number.

However, if one of the teams won the match with two goals it will be winning again because the match would end again with an even number of goals. When we talk about this way of betting it is important to know that when a match finishes 0-0, the bookmakers once again recognize it as an even number of goals and so our bet would be winning.
However, the main question is will this system bring more money than the usual way of betting on draws? Every player should check it individually by having a look on his stats.

Usually, bookmakers offer odds about 1.9 or 1.95 for an even number of goals in the match, which is more than fine as it offers a good return of made bets.

The bad thing when we talk about this betting system is that if you bet on a draw in a match where we have two teams for which we have assumed they are with equal strength the match usually ends with a draw or just one goal margin for one of the teams.

Therefore, you should carefully check whether your personal results would fetch on this type of betting.

Of course, the opposite is also true in many cases. You can try a strategy in which to bet on draws, covered by a bet for an odd number of goals scored in the match. By doing this you guarantee profits in cases where the match ended in a draw or with one goal in favour of either of the two teams.


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